Merging Duplicate Customers

Purpose: To learn how to manage duplicate clients using the customer merging tool in nimbus 1.

Requirements: Must have agency administrator permissions enabled.

Introduction: While the system has a mechanism for preventing the entry of duplicate records, occasionally you may see duplicate customer entries while searching for a client. These duplicate records not only cause confusion when trying to decide which to choose but they also cause errors while trying to update a customer record.

In this procedure we will learn how to deal with duplicate records in order to A) remove duplicates appearing in customer search results and B) remove duplicates causing errors when editing a client’s information.

It is important to note that in the process of merging customers all of the data (i.e. contacts, jobs, and applications) linked to the duplicate record will be transferred to the correct customer record. Thus, no client information will be lost.



1. In administration select data administration and then choose duplicate customer merging from the data type drop down list.


2. The top half of the screen is devoted to the correct customer’s information while the bottom half is for the incorrect customer. Note that if you have more than 1 duplicate customer record for the same client you will need to merge them one at a time.

3. Begin by entering the correct customer data in the first row of the top section. Press the enter button on your keyboard when finished. Then select the circular button in the apply column located on the left.

4. Next enter the incorrect customer data in the first row of the bottom section and press the enter key on your keyboard to locate the record. Then click on the circular button in the apply column.

5. The final step is to click on the relink & delete incorrect button located at the top of the screen. As the button suggests, this will merge the two customer records and then delete the duplicate from your system.

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