Fixing Invalid Utility Provider Error in App Entry

Purpose: To learn how to correct the issue causing the invalid utility provider error during the entry of a payment assistance application.

Requirements: Must have agency administrator permissions enabled.

Introduction:  Each program allows utility assistance for a select list of utility providers.  If a utility company is entered in the application entry screen that does not happen to be in the utility provider list for the selected program the invalid utility provider error will arise when the application is saved.

To correct the error one must add the utility provider to the utility provider list for that program. This procedure will walk you through the process of adding it so that the payment assistance application may be saved successfully.


1. From the Administration tab select Agency Details. Scroll to the bottom of the Agency Details page until you reach the Agency Utilities section. Make sure that the utility company in question is listed here otherwise add it by clicking on the Plus icon.



2. Next, scroll back up to the Agency Contracts section of the Agency Details page. Select the contract number for the program in question. Then scroll down to the Subprograms section of the Edit Contract screen and select the program display name for the program in question.



3. In the Edit Subprogram screen scroll down to the utilities section and select the Plus icon to add the utility provider in question.  Then click on the Save icon when finished. Once the utility provider has been added to the utility provider list you should be able to save the application without issue.



4. To finalize the process, close all windows until you reach the Servtraq Home Screen.