Unlocking/Resetting User Account Passwords

Purpose: To gain experience with unlocking a log in account and resetting a user’s password.


Requirements: Must have agency administrator permissions enabled.


Introduction: When a user has been unsuccessful at signing into the system after 5 or more attempts their user account will become locked. In this procedure we will learn how to correct this so that the user is able to log in.


1. In administration select user management and then find the user who needs their password reset.


2. If the user is locked out of the system the “is locked out” column will have a value of true. You can unlock the user by clicking on their username and then selecting the unlock user button under the user details section. Click “ << back to user list” once the user has been unlocked.


3. To reset a user’s password find the user from the list again and click “change password.” In the change passwords page, enter a new password and confirm the password prior to clicking submit.


4. At this point the user’s password has been reset. Notify the user of their new password and instruct them to change it once they are logged in.