Q: How do you handle WX inventory item returns to vendors after they have already been received into inventory but the crew end up not using it for the home? How do we deplete inventory and revert the process of the PO?

A: You will need to cost the items to close the purchase order and then perform an inventory transaction to deduct the items from the inventory. This link will show you how to add a transaction: http://servtraq.com/Nimbus1.html#p=104 

Q: How do you handle partial receiving’s?  For instance, if we order 10 items on a PO but only 5 come in first and we need to receive these items into inventory so they are available for the jobs being schedule. Can we receive against the same PO twice, once for the first 5 and then for the second set of 5? 

A: To receive only a portion of items in a PO, edit the purchase order and then enter the received quantity followed by the save button. Once you do this, those items will be available to withdraw from the inventory. The PO will remain open until all items have been received. See section 5.3.3 in the user manual for detailed directions on how to do what was just described. Link to page containing section 5.3.3 http://servtraq.com/Nimbus1.html#p=114