An address was keyed in incorrectly when the client first applied for payment assistance and now we would like to know how to edit the address.


Customer noticed they forgot to enter the apartment number for an application submitted last year and would like to fix this.


To correct this issue follow these steps: 

  1. Open the application and add a rejection. Choose a rejection that closely resembles the issue that you are experiencing. (I.E. POS address is invalid.)
  2. Edit the application so that the address is correct. 
  3. Clear the rejection by clicking on the eraser icon next to the rejection you initially created.
  4. add a note in the application specifying the changes you are making
  5. Save and exit out of the application.
  6. Generate a transfer file with only that application on it, and then do not upload the application to CORE. Simply delete the transfer file as this process is only intended to mark the application as transferred in the system.

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