Q: Is there a way to revise an invoice? We invoiced a client in July. Since then, we found that a refrigerator had been installed but not billed. Is there a way to bill for that refrigerator?

A: Yes there is. Please follow the steps below.

  • Unreport the job-go to Weatherization>Unreport Jobs>Select reported date of the job you need to unreport
  • Find the job and select it
  • Click the Unreport selected button

  • Make any edits to the job
  • Re-report the job in the same period as previously the same way you would normally report the job
  • Submit EARS adjustment for the dollar difference
  • Await CSD's request for a Bucket *PPA* (Prior Period Adjustment)- this may not come
  • If you do not hear back from CSD, leave it as is, and consider the process as completed. 
  • if it does, go to Weatherization>CSD Bucket Reporting> CSD Bucket Prior Period Adjustments. Select the job you edited above and click WX Bucket Transfer 

Ticket #2985