When dealing with rejected records the first step is to:

1. Open the CSD Bucket Data Transfer History page and click Check CSD for Status Updates job records that do not pass the Bucket Validations will have a status of Rejected/Failed

2. CSD Bucket Rejected Records tab will show the Rejection Reasons associated to the job record

3. Un-Report the Rejected Jobs

4. Correct any Job Data Updates

5. Clear the Rejections

  • Job status will be CORRECTED

6. Report the Jobs

  • Report the Job in the SAME Reporting Period as initially submitted 

7. Possible EARS Adjustment if DPA totals changed

For more information on clearing rejected records, download the slides below. 

If you received a rejected record due to the Census Tract number not matching follow the steps below:

1. Check if the address was entered correctly in ServTraq, if so 

2. Check the address against the website provided https://geomap.ffiec.gov/FFIECGeocMap/GeocodeMap1.aspx

2a. If census tract number is a match, contact John Ginn at CSD

2b. If census tract number is not a match  please notify the support desk

Please note, directional's (i.e. East, North)  should be abbreviated (ie. E, N).