Q: We received a rejection message from CSD, stating that the Census Tract numbers did not match. What do I do?

A: There is no guarantee that the census tract is correct. We encourage double checking the values. We recommend the following:

1. Make sure the Formatted Address is correct when entering the dwelling-this ensures that the Lat & Long coordinates are correct as well which is what we use in the lookup.

2. Click inside the "shape"where the marker is placed but not on the marker. This will open up an information window which will show you the tract number identified by the coordinates using the lookup service. Make sure this number matches the number in the census tract field.

3. Check 3rd party website if there is any questions: https://geomap.ffiec.gov/FFIECGeocMap/GeocodeMap1.aspx

If the census tract provided by the Geomap is the same as the number ServTraq provided, you'll need to contact  CSD Ginn, John@CSD <John.Ginn@CSD.CA.GOV>. If the Census Tract provided by the Geomap match the number CSD is requesting, you'll need to manually make the edits in ServTraq.

Ticket #3470