Q: How do I recertify an eligibility record for Weatherization?

Start by opening the Open Jobs List under the Weatherization Tab. Use the Search box to locate the dwelling.

Click on the Job ID # to open the job.

Open the Eligibility Record linked to the job.


Scroll to Recertifications and add an entry with the Recert Date.

Note: You will not be able to edit the application information if the Application Status is TRANSFERRED. You may log details within the notes section or you may opt to create a new eligibility record. 

You can track the updated household income as a note within the recertification section or you can unlink the current HEAP application and create a NEW Eligibility Short Form to enter all updated info. Illustrated below.

If the Job was linked to an eligibility "short-form" you can update the Certification Date and all other necessary information (as long as the eligibility record is not linked to a reported job) you can also unlink and relink the job to a new eligibility record.