Q:If I don’t use a special order item and I need to bill that job, where do I move it to if there is no other job to assign it too? 


A: Special order items not used in jobs do not prevent the job from being reported. The message that appears on the Validation Summary box is just a warning. The item will be placed in the Unused Special Order Items on Completed Jobs Report for your record and can be assigned to another job once it’s ready for use. 


The following are the steps to locate the Unused Special Order Items on Completed Jobs Report:


Go to Reports Tab>Click on Weatherization Reports>click on Unused Special Order Reported Jobs.

Example of Report:

To reassign a special order item do the following:

Note: Verify that the job you are reassigning the special order item is an open job!


Click on Inventory tab>Materials> Special Order Inventory

Search for the special order item to reassign and click the pencil icon to select the item.

Enter the new Job ID and click the disc icon to save changes.