Q: What are allowed job types for CSD funded jobs? Can new Job Types be added?

A: CSD funded contracts have very specific job types allowed. New Job Types cannot be added to report CSD funded Jobs unless CSD allows them to be. If a Job Type other than the ones listed below are used on CSD Funded Jobs, the job record will be rejected by the Bucket. 

The following is a list of acceptable job types:

  1. Initial Weatherization (WX)- Can only be used once per dwelling

  2. Re-Weatherization (REWX)

  3. Assessment/Diagnostic (ASSO)- Can only be used once per dwelling

  4. ECIP Heating/Cooling Only (HCSO)

  5. SWEATS Only (SWTS)

  6. Call-Back (CLBK)- Only on DOE Jobs

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