Q: How can I find the Lot #, PO or Invoice #’s, from an inventory item on a specific job?

A: If you know the job and want to find those numbers, start by going to Dwelling/Job Search, under the Weatherization tab. Search for the Job ID and open the Jobsheet Details report.

After clicking on the “Job Sheet Details” scroll through the pages to find the corresponding measure and the item/SKU number and Lot Number, you will want to write these down.

Next go to the Reports section of ServTraq and click on Weatherization> Inventory Usage List

If the job has already been reported use the “Materials by Reported Date” report parameter and enter the Reported Date.  Use the column filters to help you narrow the list until you find the measure and SKU number in question. You will now be able to see the PO number and Lot Number.

Exit the Inventory Usage and move into “Payment Requests” section.


Change the “Current View” to “All Payment Requests”. Type the PO number into the search box to the right and in the results below you should be able to find the PO number and its corresponding Invoice Number, Date, payment request number and vendor name.