Landlords or Property Management Entities may refuse to have their dwellings weatherized by the LIHEAP program. To avoid Marketing & Outreach attempts or Weatherization Jobs created, ServTraq has added the Ineligible Address for Weatherization solution.  This feature offers the ability to flag addresses as ineligible for weatherization services to prevent the following:

· New Weatherization Jobs created

· Weatherization Marketing leads on the ServTraq Weatherization Marketing Screen

· ServTraq added contact entries for Weatherization (Authorization) Form mail-out


Users must have Weatherization Admin permissions to add addresses to the Ineligible Address List.


To add a Place of Service Address to the Ineligible for Weatherization Services list go to: Weatherization>Weatherization Admin>Ineligible Address List

Enter the POS Address in the Address Search Box and click Save Address (do not include the Building Type or Unit Number). All associated units to the dwelling address entered will be marked as ineligible for weatherization services. To remove an address from the list, simply select the address and click Delete Address.