Start by going to the “Reports” section in ServTraq. Next click on the “Payment Assistance Reports” tab.

From the “Report Type” drop down box, select the option “Application by Entry Date; Reported Joby by Completed Date”

Enter a Start and End date that suit your report needs. Under the Data Type you have the “Summary or Details” options.
 The Summary option will display the data in the CSBG 295 Report template.
 The Details option identifies the application or jobs where the counts are generated from.

Collecting CSBG Data

Intake CSBG Entry
When entering the Household Information, select “Individual Household Members (CSBG Data)” as the entry option.

Click ADD to enter household member information.

In the Household Income section select “Individual Household Member Income (CSBG Data)”

Click ADD to enter household member information.

Wx CSBG Entry
If you are deriving program eligibility separate from a HEAP application, use the “short-eligibility form” click “new” to enter new eligibility information

Once you save the record, a CSBG link will appear on the left section bar.

Click on the link to log CSBG demographic information.