Background: The purpose of deactivating an employee is to remove their name from any employee drop down tables in ServTraq such as the Job/Measure Entry Page. The employee will remain in records for anything done in the past, but will not be able to be included in any new processes in ServTraq.

*You must have a user role with admin level access in order to perform this function. Deactivating a user does not remove the employee access to ServTraq. The user account must be deleted or locked. For more information contact the ServTraq Support Desk. 

How to – To begin, click on the “Admin” tab at the bottom of the left hand column. From there, click on the little triangle to the left of the “Human Resources Section” and then click on “Employee List”

Once in this section click on the name of the employee that you wish to deactivate. This will take you to the “edit employee” page. On the top ribbon of the “edit employee page you will find a few buttons. “Deactivate” will be the last button, click “deactivate” to deactivate the employee in ServTraq.

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