ServTraq© supports the entry and collection of CSBG household demographics for the purpose of generating the CSBG 295 Characteristic Report. As a result of the new 2018 CSBG data collection requirements, the Weatherization Job Eligibility entry process has been updated to synchronize with the UA Application Entry.

The procedure below applies to the Utility Assistance Application screen, and to the Weatherization Job Eligibility Entry screen in ServTraq©.


  1. From the UA Application or the Wx Eligibility form, scroll to the Household Demographic section and select Individual Household Member (CSBG Data). 
  2. In the Household Members section, click Add Household Member to make a new entry.Note:  You can populate Individual Household Member information from the most recent UA/Wx record onto the current UA/Wx eligibility record being entered. Simply click on the Import Household Member button to populate the demographic information. If the household composition has changed, click on the pencil icon to add edit or delete entries copied over.
  3. Enter the household member demographics and click the floppy disk to save. Repeat step 2&3 until all household members have been added. 
  4. In the Household Income section, select Individual Household Member Income (CSBG Data). 
  5. In the Income by Resident section, click Add to make a new entry. Click the floppy disk to save the entry. Note:  Only the household members added in step 3, will be listed in the “Recipient” drop down table.