Here is a quick guide to the time frames allowed by CSD, concerning when documents are received, through when they are transferred for reimbursement * this document is intended for illustrative purposes and should NOT replace your contract as the primary source of information regarding CSD LIHEAP rules and regulations.

Payment (Utility) Assistance 

  1. The Document date. The first date of importance is the date on the customers documents submitted. (an example would be the date on the PG&E bill submitted) This date may be no older then 42 days from the Intake Date. 
  2. The Intake date. The Intake Date is the date the agency receives or accepts an application for utility assistance. The Intake Date may be no older then 60 days from the Certification Date. 
  3. The Certification date. The Certification date is the date the applicant is deemed eligible and the agency commits to provide services. The Certification Date may be no older then 120 days from the day you transfer to CORE. 
  4. Transferring to CORE. The day that you transfer to CORE is referred to by CSD as the Created On Date.


  1. The Certification date (Recertification Date). This is the date the customer was deemed eligible for services based on submitted documents and agency protocol. This Date may be no older then 120 days from the Assessment date.
  2. The Assessment date (Reassessment date). This is the day that your Assessor went out to the dwelling and assessed the work needed. This date may be no older then 180 days from the Job Completed date.
  3. The Job Completed date. This is the date you have decided that no further work will occur at the dwelling and for your intent, the work is complete. 
  4. Once a job is complete you have till the end of the contract term to submit that job to the bucket for reimbursement.