The "Pop-up Blocker" keeps most sites from opening pop-ups while you browse the internet. This can cause problems with sites that rely on pop-ups to open subsequent screens. If pop-up blockers are not disabled, the progress wheel will spin but you will never be taken to location of the link you clicked.

The steps to disable the Pop-Up Blocker, will depend on the browser being used and the version. 

To allow "pop-ups" in Google Chrome:

  • When you open google chrome click on the three circles that indicate “more”
  • This will open a little window with several options, click on the word “settings”.
  • Once in the Settings, scroll to the bottom and click on the word “Advanced”.
  • Find the “Privacy and Security “ Section and click on the words “Content Settings”. Scroll down until you see the words “pop-ups” and click on it.
  • From here you can choose to go to the “Allow” portion of this page and “add” our site to the list of sites allowed to use pop ups by clicking on the word add and typing or copying the address, , into the blank line provided. Or you can simply turn “allowed” on or off to stop the pop up blocker all together.