If you received a contract extension, you'll need to update the "Contract End Date" in ServTraq to continue entering applications or costing weatherization measures past the original contract End Date.

Caution: Before you extend a contract in ServTraq, please confirm you do have a contract extension and you know the new contract end date. Changing the contract end date without verifing this information can result in REJECTED UA Records in the CSD CORE system and/or Rejected Wx Records in the CSD WxDatabase (Bucket).


Restrictions: Only staff with Agency Admin permissions can update a Contract End Date. 

To Update a Contract End Date, go to: ServTraq>Administration>AgencyDetails>Agency Contract#

Change the Contract End Date to reflect the new Contract End Date and click Update End Date. Save and Close the page. 

Updating the Contract End Date will update all related components of the Contract (i,e, Wx measure installation end dates) and will add report periods for the Contract Expense Entry feature.