How to resolve:

  1. Verify addresses were entered correctly in the Dwelling record. There is a "formatted address" field there which shows the address as validated by Google. If it looks exactly the same as your entered address, then:
    1. Send the address to CSD Help Desk for them to add to their list of "bypass" addresses. This will allow the job into eCore despite the fact that the address cannot be verified.
    2. Once they have added the address to their list, Open the job ID and clear the rejection and resubmit the transfer

  1. If the address was not entered correctly:
    1. Unreport the job
    2. Fix the address
    3. Verify that the formatted address matches what you have entered
    4. Re-report the job with the same reported date as it originally was
    5. Clear the rejected record
    6. Resubmit the transfer