Crews will be able to check in from an appointment. You can view the following video to get an idea of how it works:

Things that are required to make the check in feature work:

  • Status for jobs with titles “APPOINTMENT KEPT” and “CANCELLATION BY CUSTOMER” in ServTraq
  • These statuses cannot be changed. The titles must stay the same
  • For the check email to go to the supervisor
    • The setting must be enabled in the app
    • Email address entered on the employee’s ServTraq login must match the email address in their ServTraq employee record. This is because there is no link between an Employee record and a login. The email address is used to look up the employee from the person submitting the check in.
    • The supervisor must be set in the latest employee job assignment
    • The supervisor record must have an email address. This is the address that is used to send the check in email
  • Crew persons must have Use Cell Data enabled for ServTraq. This is set in settings. The check in is posted to the ServTraq web application through an API. An internet connection is needed to access the API and they won’t have a WiFi connection in the field.