A new validation was added to ServTraq to prevent MZ rejections. MZ rejections occur when a job is sent to CSD, it is approved by CSD, and then it gets reported in a different (or the same) period and resubmitted in the normal way - not as a PPA. It also happens when jobs are submitted against a report period/program that has already been approved.

From the DTR:

MZ The Expenditure Report Period cannot be for a previously approved period. Contract Number {0} and Program {1} already has jobs approved for Expenditure Report Period {2}

In the scenarios where a user tries to report a job which has been transferred successfully in a different report period (different reported date in ServTraq) you’ll get the error below:

"Job cannot be reported in the period. It has previously been reported in a different period and been sent to CSD successfully. The reported date of a job can't be changed once it has been submitted to CSD."

In the scenario where the user has already reported jobs in a report period and is trying to report more, they will get the following error if the program of the job has already been sent to eCore and approved:

"Approved programs exist for the contracts/report periods on the job and the job has never been submitted to eCORE. this job must be reported in the current period."

***If the job was rejected and not resolved before the “report period” was approved at CSD, you will not be able to report it in the original report period intended. The Job will need to be reported in the following report period.

The last scenario is one where the job was reported in an earlier period, transferred successfully, the period was approved. Then the job gets unreported and changed (or not) and a rejection gets added and then it gets reported again in the same period with a new status of corrected. These jobs then get queued up to be transferred via the standard transfer when they should be PPAs. The transfer will now look at each job in the transfer queue and evaluate whether it has been transferred before and what the status of the transfer is. If the report was approved then the job will be omitted but will show up on the PPA page. If the status of the report is pending then the job will be transferred. If there is no status – job has never been transferred, the job will be transferred.