Background: CSBG requires the collection of additional household demographics. Previously, household member information could only be entered and updated within the LIHEAP application entry. We’ve recently deployed a ServTraq update that allows you to enter CSBG Household member information within the Customer Record screen and update it as often as necessary.

Household members associated to the Customer Record can be imported into a subsequent LIHEAP application rather than from a previous LIHEAP application entered.

To add household members go to: Customer Record>household>click Add Household Member

Within the LIHEAP Application entry screen, simply click the “Import Household Members” button. Household members entered on the Customer Record screen will be imported to the HEAP application entry screen.


Household member information can be updated within the Customer Record screen or within the LIHEAP application itself. However, household member changes made on the application page will not transferred to the customer record page.

Simply Click the “Import Household Members” button while on the application. Household members from the Customer Record (Edit Customer) screen will be imported to the application. You can then make edits to the household members if needed. Changes on the application will not apply to the customer record.