ServTraq's new pledge feature makes it faster and easier for agencies to upload customer pledges into PG&E’s online pledge portal. This feature works in conjunction with PG&E’s AOP portal. At this time, this feature is only available for service providers in PG&E’s service territory.


Where can I find this new feature?

The new feature can be found underneath Reports à Daily Reports à PG&E Commitments for Batch Upload to AOP.

How does it work?

A pledge must first be logged on a customer’s application under the Commitments section in order for it to be available for batch upload.



We recommend that agencies check the PG&E Commitments for Batch Upload to AOP list once a day. Users can select up to every pledge listed and generate the file of pledges for upload – similar to Application Data Transfer!


The final step is to upload the generated file into PG&E AOP portal. For instructions on how to upload the file into the AOP portal, click HERE.