The "US Census Tract" button is not working. I receive a 500 Internal Server Error message.  


"Geocode was not successful for the following reasons: ZERO_RESULTS"


This occurs when the 3rd party websites used to obtain the US Census Tract numbers are temporarily down. These webistes are not maintained by ServTraq, therefore we cannot control the downtime.  As a work around, we offer the following solution(s). 


1. Use either of these websites as a temporary alternative to search for a dwelling's census tract number.

For directions on how to use both of the listed websites, please refer to the attached document or contact us by creating a ticket here.

NoteThe Census tract field is there to generate leads for possible LIWIP or TRP jobs. Census Tract numbers are not required by CORE for Payment Assistance. 

Please open the attachment below, to see full details