The address change of an APPROVED record is not currently something the CSD Bucket supports. You cannot do it via PPA because the job will be rejected for the address not matching a previously approved record. It cannot be done via normal submission because the report has already been approved and the job will get rejected because it was submitted against a previously approved period. 

To change an existing address in the Bucket these are the necessary functionalities 

1. Add a web service so that an address can be explicitly be changed without affecting current validations.

2. Add an interface on their side to change the address so that agencies can call the help desk and request the change. 

If you need to send a PPA/update for this job to the Bucket you'll need to either enter the address exactly as it was when you first sent it, make your edits, sent the Bucket transfer, change the address back to the correct one. 

Please forward any concerns to John.Ginn@CSD.CA.GOV.

Ticket #3564