Utility Assistance Rejected/Working-Deficient Records can now be automatically retrieved from CORE. 

Once you upload a UA transfer file to CORE, any transfer file Rejected/Working-Deficient records will be automatically added to ServTraq© the next day. This feature eliminates the need to search and enter Rejected Records in ServTraq; just check the Rejected Record Clearance screen next day! 


If you decide to use the CORE web-service for status updates, please make sure to check the Deficiency/Rejection report in CORE. Otherwise, you run the risk of having “Rejected/Working Deficient” records in CORE with a “Transferred” status in ServTraq©. The CORE web-service is out of ServTraq© control and we cannot guarantee it works as intended and designed by CSD. We have no way of knowing if and when the service fails. 

Download the attachment to learn how this feature can be activated!