LIWP Package Calculator -02/26/16

ServTraq Solution: LIWP Package Calculator

ServTraq© Solution: 
LIWP Package Calculator

Maximize the Number of Measures Billed to LIWP

CSD is concerned that LIWP LSPs are not charging all measures possible to the LIWP program. You can ensure that you take full advantage of the Target Goal increase and maximize the number of measures billed to LIWP by reviewing a report provided before reporting and transferring jobs. ServTraq© has featured the “LIHEAP Measures with LIWP Equivalents Installed in a DAC” report since the start of the program, but some users may have missed it.

This report displays open Weatherization Jobs with measures charged to LIHEAP that can be charged to LIWP. Measures flagged by a check mark automatically qualify under LIWP and measures flagged by an exclamation mark may qualify depending on the measure package selected.  To shift a measure from the LIHEAP subprogram to LIWP, open the job, select the measure, and change the funding source.

This report can be found under: Weatherization Menu > LIWP Program subsection.

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