ServTraq Program Updates-7/5/16

ServTraq Program Updates


New ECIP Justification Alert: CSD monitors have been identifying issues for not having documented justification for billed ECIP measures, among other things. The ECIP program defines an energy related crisis as “…Imminent danger, requiring immediate action to prevent or mitigate the loss or impairment of life, health, property, or essential public services that affect low income individuals.”  (CSD. ECIP Policy and Procedures. 1 Feb. 2008. PDF.)


To electronically document the imminent threat or loss that could occur to the household an ECIP Justification section was added to the ServTraq—Job Costing. An alert was also added to the Job Validation Summary Box as a reminder, but use of this section is not required. If you currently use the CSD 57 you can safely ignore the alert. It will not prevent you from reporting the job. There will be more to come as CSD may issue more guidance in the future.


“This job has ECIP measures installed and no ECIP justification has been entered…”



LIHEAP to LIWP Measure Shift –Warning: CSD recently updated the Bucket (Wx Database) validations to accept Prior Period Adjustments (PPAs) using the $5,100/MTCO standard on Weatherization Jobs billed prior to December 1, 2015. While the validations are in place, the overall functionality and design of the CSD database is undocumented and does not support it.


We indicated to CSD that using the “established Prior Period Adjustments protocol” to shift measures from one funding source to another would generate substantial rejections and reconciliation difficulties. Most agencies are aware of the deficits in the system by now and it’s easy to understand that the system was poorly planned and certainly not designed for this kind of transfer. While ServTraq allows submission of PPAs we urge you not to implement it for this purpose.  It has been an unnecessary and burdensome process for those agencies that have already attempted to do so.



Payment Assistance

Program Year 2016 Changes: CSD issued another advisory that the CORE changes scheduled for March 1, then May 1, would be enforced on transfer files starting August 8. No details on how this might occur have been shared with vendors so we anticipate it is another false alarm, more to come.


CSD CORE System Implementation information released:

CSD. “CORE System Implementation”. Memo to LIHEAP Service Providers. February 11, 2016 CSD. “CORE PY16 Phase II Implementation Status”.CSD_Energy_Blog.





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LIHEAP to LIWP Measure Shift –Warning UPDATE

We are asking agencies not to go through this process if they don’t need to. There is no clean way of getting this done. Every report period needs to be dealt on a case by case situation to figure out how to best approach it. ServTraq now provides a glimpse into the Bucket, but not enough information is returned to us to put together a full picture. That said, here is some standard guidance.

The first thing to do is check for “Approval Status”. Go to Weatherization> CSD Bucket Reporting> CSD Bucket EARS Reconciliation Activity> Click Check CSD for Status Updates

If you only reported LIHEAP Activity for the report period in question and the Approval Status = Matched/Forced, submit PPA to move measures from LIHEAP to LIWP.

If you reported LIHEAP and LIWP Activity for the report period in question and the Approval Status = Matched/Forced for both programs, submit PPA to move measures from LIHEAP to LIWP.

If you submitted data for a report period and it’s not on the list, this could mean that the report has not yet been reconciled or failed reconciliation. In which case you’ll need to request detailed information on the program report status from CSD. You can contact John Ginn at John.Ginn@CSD.CA.GOV.

Do not try to submit a PPA to switch measures from LIHEAP to LIWP if one or the other has still not been approved. 

Good luck!

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