ServTraq Updates - 7/27/16

Payment Assistance

Main Heating Fuel Alert: The new CSD CORE Transfer Rules will require an energy bill entry for the main heating fuel type selected during Application Entry.  While this validation has not been implemented in CORE, we’re working on making the changes necessary to be as prepared as possible when the CSD CORE PY16 Update is released.

If you come across the following message: “This application does not have an energy account corresponding to the main heating fuel selected…” this is simply an alert. It will not prevent you from saving the application nor will cause the record to be rejected by CORE until the CORE PY16 rollout (maybe).


Barcoded Inventory: We’ve recently completed the development of a new ServTraq © solution designed for Inventory Management Control. This new solution offers the ability to barcode all warehouse items by Item SKUnumber or by Item SKU and Lot Number. Included in this solution, is the ability to check items in and out from one location to another for easier item tracking. Follow the link for more information: Barcoded_Inventory

Wx Rejected Records

ServTraq Webinar: Most CSD Bucket (WxDatabase) rejection reasons are not straightforward, require in-depth research, and do not follow a standard procedure for getting them resolved. We’ve made as many updates as have been made available to us to provide you with a glimpse into the Bucket; but not enough information is returned.

Join us for a webinar on August 17th at 10:30am to review the updates made to ServTraq and go over the basics of how to Data Transfer, Clear Rejected Records, and Resubmit Jobs for approval. Please note that Prior Period Adjustments (PPA) have not been clearly defined by CSD and many common job record scenarios will generate rejections and conflicts in CSD’s system design. Actual customer info will be used in this webinar and we trust that you will maintain the same confidentiality as you do with your own.

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