ServTraq Update: Payment Assistance

Payment Assistance

CORE Transfer Changes: Attached is the Data Transfer Rule file we received yesterday from CSD. The latest version Of the Database Transfer Rules for CORE 3.9.3 (2d version) reflect removal of the requirement to use CSD’s list of WPO vendors as we recommended. When entering records for transfer to CORE, users will be able to choose from the list of vendors that apply only to their agency as is currently the case with ServTraq entry.

There's no CSD policy nor any consistent procedures in place regarding the review and implementation of DTRs outside of what's in the contract. The changes from last week’s version may not be significant, but we believe that Local Service Providers will have a right to review changes in advance without having CSD, the vendors or the Technology Steering Committee filter them.


If these are accepted as final before September 3, then full implementation in ServTraq will occur by October 3.


Comments can be submitted to Diana Felden, CSD IT Services Unit , at no later than Thursday, September 1st, 5 p.m. 

If you have any questions, please call or e-mail Julie Garcia or Dennis Osmer.



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