ServTraq News 10/17/2016

LIHEAP 2017 Weatherization Reporting

 CSD’s CPA (CPA-E-16-003) indicates that the Weatherization Database (Bucket) and EARS Reporting Systems will be available for reporting 2017 LIHEAP Wx contract activities on November 1, 2016. Please be advised that Wx data entry in ServTraq© for Program Year 2017 will ready on November 1st, but full functionality for the purpose of data reporting for reimbursement to CSD systems may be delayed by CSD.
Please be aware of the problems that may be encountered at the start of a program/year: 

If the ServTraq output report does not match your first 2017 EARS report, please contact us immediately. Historically, CSD has made changes to the on-line EARS report format from what we've received and doesn't tell us of the changes. We need to find out from agencies so we can “sync” ServTraq to the changes.

If you notice anything odd with the system entry after implementation in ServTraq©, please contact us at

LIHEAP 2017 Payment Assistance CORE Transfers
CSD has not released any information on a date when the CORE system might accept 2017 LIHEAP PA transfers.  

It is our policy that changes to ServTraq© Software will be implemented no sooner than 30 days after the CSD Data Transfer Rules (DTRs) are finalized and an implementation date is set and published directly to LSPs by CSD. We assume that the rules are not final until a projected CSD implementation date is set by CSD and reflected in the DTRs and in the case of CORE CRM system DTRs that a transfer or import template is included and correct and they are signed. The CSD implementation date is the date that CSD expects all transfers (live) into the CORE or Weatherization Data Repository (Bucket) systems (Production, not testing) will be subject to the rules and rejections will occur based on the rules in the final DTRs.

ServTraq© Webinar
Join us for a webinar on October 26, 2016 at 10:30am to learn about the Marketing & Outreach solutions that ServTraq offers. We will review how to use built-in features to generate leads and fill your funnel with prospective applicants for LIHEAP Payment Assistance, LIHEAP TRP, and LIHEAP/LIWP Weatherization programs.

Please click here to register: 

ServTraq Support Desk
The ServTraq Support Desk will be closed on Friday October 21st to participate in an annual Safety Day Training. For urgent matters, please contact Julie Garcia at We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

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