CSD CORE Priority Survey

ServTraq Response to CSD’s CORE Priority List Survey

November 2, 2016


CSD sent out a CORE Priority List Survey on Monday October 31st regarding CORE enhancements and modifications.  The list presented for comment is 3 years old and reflects needs recognized in the transition from the old CLASS system. A great deal has changed and we’d like to offer some recommendations in your response.


Half of the eight items listed on the survey represent a duplicate entry that could be eliminated if CSD provided a reliable form of information exchange with ServTraq©. Imagine a system that could exchange information instantly and maintain your data in CORE and ServTraq synchronized. There wouldn’t be a need for the following actions in two separate systems: 


· Update Application/Utility information on returned payments

· Make payment adjustments on Fast Track application when the supplemental payment was missed or entered incorrect

· Make payment adjustments on WPO applications to correct a data entry error

· Process WPO returned payments

All this is possible to do via ServTraq© if CSD commits to provide a reliable interface. If you believe better solutions are possible, mark “Not Needed” under survey questions 1,4,5,6 and under additional comments advocate with us for a “Reliable information exchange service with ServTraq to eliminate duplicate entry”.


CORE: Priority List Survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/COREPriorityList



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