2017 HEAP & New Reports

Non-Documented CORE Validations
Payment Assistance Records are incorrectly rejected by CORE on non-documented validations. ServTraq© is in alignment with CSD’s current published Data Transfer Rules (UA_DTR_v3.9.3), but the CORE system is not. The following are validations enforced in CORE non-existent in the Data Transfer Rules published.

Payment Assistance Applications with Negative Priority Points 

  • Payment Assistance Applications transferred with a negative priority point total are rejected by CORE. 
  • Workaround: Set the Priority Point Total to 0 by changing the Priority Offset value and document the actual negative point total. 

Payment Assistance Applications with “Service Restored” and “Disconnection Prevented” Equal No 

  • Fast Track Payment Assistance Applications transferred with “Service Restored” and “Disconnection Prevented” set to No are rejected by CORE. 
  • Workaround: Use the Pledge Date field to document a pledge, this will change the “Disconnection Prevented” value in the transfer file to Yes.

No formal communication from CSD has been released on the issues identified and the ETA of when it will be fixed.

LIHEAP 2017 Payment Assistance
The 2017 LIHEAP contract has been added to ServTraq©. If your Agency Priority Plan has changed from 2016, you’ll need to update the Priority Points for Program Year 2017 in ServTraq. For more information, click on the following link:
Please note CSD has not released any information on a date when the CORE system might accept 2017 LIHEAP PA transfers. To avoid rejected records for “Agency Out of Funds” do not make any 2017 Program Year transfers until you’ve verified the program allocation amounts have been added to CORE.

New Inventory Reports
Two additional Inventory Reports have been added to ServTraq©. The Inventory Detail Report extracts information on inventory usage by date range. While the Measures Installed Report provides detailed information on Direct Program Activity costs associated with the installation of selected measures. Both of these reports contain the ServTraq Grouping Feature which allows you to presort data before exporting to Excel. To learn more about the ServTraq Grouping Feature visit Appendix_C of the ServTraq Manual


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