WX and Support Updates 1/6/17




Two new Job Types have been added to ServTraq© to synchronize the database with the CSD Wx Data Transfer Rules v4.4. Beginning Monday January 9th, you’ll be able to report standalone Toilet Replacement (TRP) Jobs or Solar Water Heater (SWH) Replacement Service Jobs to the CSD Bucket using one of the following Job Types:
Job Type Measures Allowed
Toilet Replacement Only
Low Flow Toilet (Bathroom 1, 2)
Limited Home Repair (Bathroom 1, 2)
Disposal Fees
Solar Water Heater Only
SWH System Install (AET 41/64SF)
SWH System Removal
Limited Home Repair
Disposal Fees

The “Toilet Replacement” and “Solar Water Heater” Job Types cannot be used in combination with any other measures other than the ones listed above.
Please be advised there’s been no indication by CSD that continued use of an “Initial Weatherization” or “Reweatherization” Job Type would constitute a CSD Bucket Rejection when used to report these

ServTraq Support
We recently integrated the Support Chat Widget across all pages in ServTraq©. In addition to allowing instant support access it now includes “Screen Share” assistance which allows faster remote support functionality when needed.
The advantages and disadvantages of preserving this feature are currently being assessed by ServTraq Staff. Tell us what you think. If you would like to submit any comments please send them to

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