2016 Added features





2016 Added Features

2016 was a year full of new CSD requirements. New contract requirements were added, additional data collection fields were enforced, and new reimbursement practices adopted.

In addition to responding to the CSD requirements, we made a number of substantial enhancements to ServTraq at no added expense to our customers. We are committed to providing solutions that work for Local Service Providers in California. If you missed any of the major feature announcements, here is a recap of the added features that may make getting the job done easier for you.

CSD Bucket Reporting
The CSD Bucket/EARS Reconciliation Approval Activity feature provides status on report period reconciliation.  Measure discrepancy details are also available on denied report period expenditures. For more information click

Barcoded Inventory
The Barcoded Inventory solution offers the ability to barcode warehouse items by Item SKU Number and check items from one location to another for easier inventory control management. For more information click

New Inventory Reports
ServTraq now provides two additional Inventory Reports. The Inventory Detail Report extracts information on inventory usage by date range. While the Measures Installed Report provides detailed information on Direct Program Activity costs associated with the installation of selected measures. For more information click

Ineligible Address for Weatherization
The Ineligible Address for Weatherization solution allows users to flag addresses as ineligible for weatherization services to prevent Weatherization Jobs created when Landlords or Property Management Entities refuse to have their dwellings weatherized by the LIHEAP program. For more information click

ECIP Justification Alert and Section
During the 2016 CSD monitoring visits, CSD Field Representatives identified issues for not having documented justification for billed ECIP measures. To electronically document the imminent threat or loss that could occur to the household an ECIP Justification section was added to the ServTraq—Job Costing screen. An alert was also added to the Job Validation Summary Box as a reminder, but use of this section is not required. For more information click

Payment Assistance
LIHEAP Benefit and Denial Letters 
LIHEAP Payment Assistance notification letters are now automated in ServTraq for Eligible or Denied applicants and are available in English or Spanish.
For more information click

Receipt of Payment Assistance Applications
The Incoming Application Processing feature allows users to mark Payment Assistance applications as “received” in ServTraq as a Contact Entry Note to maintain an electronic record of the receipt of the application and automate compliance with the CSD 15 Day Notification requirement.
ServTraq© Barcoded Payment Assistance Applications (replica of CSD Form 43) are also available for agencies interested in full automation.
here for Incoming Application Processing information.
here for Barcoded Applications information.

Utility Assistance Data Entry Wizard Design
The ServTraq© HEAP Application Data Entry module was redesign to offer two ways of performing payment assistance data entry. Users can use the one-page-scroll design or use the Wizard design to navigate through the data entry sections individually. For more information on the Wizard Entry click

The team at ServTraq would like to thank you for your collaboration.
We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2017.

Happy New Year!


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