CSBG Data Collection Update 1/9/18

ServTraq© Update Notification

January 11, 2018

2018 CSBG Data Collection Requirements

(2018 CSBG 295 Report is attached)

ServTraq© will release an update this weekend (January 13th) to integrate new 2018 CSBG data collection requirements. The CSBG 295 report in ServTraq© will also be updated to generate the new report template (attached).

CSBG Data Entry

An extended list of new fields will be added to the CSBG Household Member demographic entry section in ServTraq©. For a complete list of the CSBG additions made, please reference the highlighted sections of the 2018 CSBG 295 report template (attached).

The data entry process in ServTraq© will remain the same during UA Application Entry.

The Weatherization Job Eligibility entry process will be updated to synchronize with the UA Application Entry. To download a CSBG Data Entry step by step procedure, click here.


CSBG 295 Characteristics Report

After the system update release, the 2018 CSBG 295 Report will be used to display the household member data collected in ServTraq©.

ServTraq© will only generate the previous version of the CSBG 295 Report when the report date parameters entered are from 2017 or earlier. 


If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at: Support@ServTraq.com.




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