Deferral e-Form

The ServTraq© e-Deferral Form is Finally Here!

The ServTraq e-Deferral Form is available on Android and Apple iOS devices! The ServTraq e-Deferral Form is the electronic version of the CSD 542 Paper Form. Send e-mail notices to tenant(s) and landlords and include a copy of the Deferral form. Keep a copy of the Deferral form in ServTraq© and start building your electronic documentation.

The Rundown:
    ●  Use the ServTraq Scheduler to log Wx Appointments by crew leader
    ●  Download the ServTraq© Mobile App to view Job Appointments on your mobile device.
    ●  From the mobile app, select the crew and open the Job ID
    ●  Complete the e-Deferral form and click save! The form will be synced to the Job ID in ServTraq.

Technology at your fingertips! Email us at to get started.


FTP File Transfer
Use ServTraq© to transfer client files to CSD for Weatherization or Utility Assistance client file monitoring compliance.

How it Works:
    ●  Scan and Upload the Client File to the record in ServTraq
    ●  Rename your Client File to Match the CSD Naming Convention Established
    ●  Select the Client File and click Upload FTP
    ●  ServTraq automatically logs the file transfer contact.

All we need is your agency’s FTP credentials (username and password) to link ServTraq© to CSD’s FTP Site to get you started.

If you would like to make use of this solution or if you have any questions please contact Julie Garcia or at (831) 761-7080 x121

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