PY 2020 Development Notice

Program Year 2020 is around the corner and substantial changes will be made to include features that are not part of your current ServTraq© subscription package.

First and foremost, the Disgorgement Assistance Program (DAP) is new for Program Year 2020. Additional features will be integrated to manage the DAP contract in ServTraq© and consolidate all program data in one place. ServTraq© will also engage in the fulfillment of a new “System Security Assessment” requirement included in your 2020 LIHEAP contract. CSD has not given any information on what might be required, so this charge may be revisited as the year goes on. ServTraq© advocated against this requirement, but we were unsuccessful in getting CSD to define the requirements more clearly.

In preparation for the DAP 2020 Contract and LIHEAP 2020 system security changes, your November 2019 ServTraq invoice will include a one-time initial development fee.

The initial development fee includes the following features and services:

DAP 2020 Contract 

  1. Addition of DAP contract for Utility Assistance Tracking and Reporting to CSD CORE
    • The Program Year in ServTraq will match the DAP Contract (2020). The Program Year transferred to CSD CORE will be converted to 2120 to comply with the CORE limitations identified by CSD at the     September 11, 2019 LSP meeting.
  2. Addition of DAP contract for Weatherization Service Tracking and Reporting to CSD eCORE
    • Addition of “DAP” Job Type
    • Addition of Categorical Eligibility to bypass eCORE Recertification Requirements
  3. Development of DAP EARS Reports, CORE Transfer File, and eCORE Data Transfer Functionality
  4. Development of DAP Weatherization Marketing List
    • List of Weatherized homes under LIHEAP within the last 365 Days
  5. Development of DAP UA Weatherization Marketing List
    • List of Benefitted LIHEAP 2019 or LIHEAP 2020 customers not benefitted under DAP 2020

LIHEAP 2020 Contract

The new LIHEAP 2020 “System Security Assessment” requirement may result in extensive system changes to be in compliance. The scope of work required to meet this new requirement is unknown at this time. ServTraq© will work collaboratively with CSD to develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and advocate for reasonable third party assessment practices to limit further financial impact on the agencies.

LIHEAP 2020 Contract Language

Section 4.5. System Security Requirements, I. Security Assessment

Contractor shall work with CSD to develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to further clarify privacy and information security requirements for ensuring the security of personal information of LIHEAP participants and technology systems supporting program administration and service delivery. In addition, the MOU will specify security requirements for Contractor information technology systems storing and transmitting personal information of program participants, to include specific security assessments and audits of Contractor systems that interconnect with CSD in accordance with federal and state requirements.

We still don’t know all the requirements of DAP Contract or the extent of the LIHEAP 2020 System Security Requirement. Additional features or enhancements may be added at a later date for an additional cost to meet contract compliance.

We hope you’re satisfied with the present service level we provide. We would like to maintain this service level or improve it, if possible. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this notice, you can contact me at or at (831)761-7080 ext 121.